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2017 Wedding Trends

Posted on January 06 by Molly Tully

If you’re like me, you can’t believe 2017 is here already—and it’s a year of big change! A new President for the country and a new spouse for you! While we can’t predict what’s going to happen with the economy and politics in Washington, we can try to predict what you’ll be seeing in the wedding world. While there aren’t that many drastic changes from year to year, a few must-haves always emerge—and become the centerpiece of many weddings throughout the year. Here’s what we’re seeing and predicting for 2017 weddings:

Jersey farm fresh means only the best for your guests
1. Farm-to-table will be bigger than ever before.
The whole farm-to-table trend emerged a number of years ago and has steadily gained in popularity as consumers are no longer content with certain food choices and are demanding transparency with everything they’re eating. They distrust large brands and want to know what they’re eating, where it came from, who grew it and how they grew it. This trend has carried over to the wedding world, resulting in many venues now co-partnering with local farms in order to serve the freshest meats, vegetables, fruits and cheeses possible. We live in the Garden State, after all, where the local sources are varied and thriving, making this a popular option for New Jersey brides. For a list of venues that offer farm-to-table catering for your wedding, click here. Or talk to your own caterer about locally sourced items you can add to your wedding menu. This trend is a win-win for everyone.



New Jersey Bride—2017 pantone color of the year weddings
2. Pantone Color of the year.
While we’re not a HUGE fan of Greenery, the Pantone color of 2017, get ready to see it popping up in bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, wedding invitations, shoes, table linens and every other detail associated with your wedding. That’s how powerful the Pantone selections are—the color works its way into fashion and home décor by all the designers. We’d rather turn a blind eye to it this year, but brides are so creative that I may be eating my words come December 2017, when I see a gorgeous wedding with this color as the theme.

New Jersey Bride—chelsea-beer-drink-wedding-milkshakes
3. Milkshakes.
Donuts are out and milkshakes are in. We’ll drink to that! You’ll see these ice cream treats served with gusto in  Mason jars, beer glasses, tiny shooters or to-go cups as your guests exit for the night. Yum!

New Jersey—avocado-fries-29-of-30
4. More extensive vegan options, including vegan comfort food.
The days of vegetable lasagna and eggplant rolatini just don’t cut it anymore. With the advent of Bill Gates’s Impossible burger—a plant-based patty that bleeds beet juice!—this trend is just starting to pick up steam, with brides not only requesting a vegan option but in some cases an entire menu. Comfort vegan foods will also appear in the form of cauliflower mac and cheese and avocado fries.

New Jersey Bride—Photo-booth-bus-NJ-wedding
5. Bigger and better photo booths. Move over photo booth, we’re now talking photo BUSSES that can be driven from wedding to wedding. Brides not only offer an “experience” for their guests, where they can grab a prop and hop inside for fun photos, but they also get copies of the merrymaking. 

New Jersey Bride—Ethnic-foods-for-weddings
6. Ethnic stations or options. Today’s Millennials and Generation Z-ers have been exposed to more ethnic cuisines than any other generation and have expansive exotic palates. A little banh bao served alongside samosas? No problem! This expanded culinary repertoire finds its way into weddings in the form of special ethnic food stations. Get engaged in Thailand? Have a noodle station. Is your grandmother from Norway? A gravlax table is in order. Honeymooning in Paris? Serve crepes and macarons to your guests before you head out the City of Love. According to the New York Times, hot cuisines in 2017 will include food inspired by Africa and the Philippines.

New Jersey Bride—Tiaras-wedding-gowns-2017
7. Tiaras. As evidenced by the Fall 2017 designer runway shows (Inbal Dror, pictured above), tiaras and hair accessories will be back in for 2017. They’ll top off both the most simple of gowns and the elaborate, from ballroom to barn. The greater the juxtaposition, the better.

New Jersey Bride—Wedding-gowns-2017-trends
8. Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns and ruffles! Both of these styles will be prominent in the bridal salons, along with some gowns sporting both, such as the beauties from Reem Acra’s Fall 2017 runway show.

A Rustic DIY Wedding at The Loft at Jack's Barn - New Jersey Bride
9. The rustic wedding. Whether it’s a barn or farm wedding, New Jersey brides still can’t get enough of this rustic look and we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. Brides will either be walking down the aisle in a simple dress or a formal gown fit for a ballroom—even if she’ll only be dancing on the barn floor. Possibilities are limitless. Sunflowers, cornstalks, hay bales, craft beer stations, pie displays, bluegrass bands—even llamas and alpacas will all be front and center. And to meet this pastoral demand, new venues keep popping up. Click here to see what’s available in New Jersey.

Honeymoonds:Nevis: Montpelier Plantation & Beach
10. Postponing the honeymoon. More and more brides will be putting off their honeymoons—either by a few months or up to a year. This may be for a variety of reasons—saving up money for their dream trip, wanting to space out the big events in their lives or simply not being able to get away immediately due to work commitments or family obligations.

New Jersey Bride—Wedding-greenery
11. Greenery everywhere. You’ll be seeing lots and lots of greenery—on tables, chairs, in bouquets, bride’s hair, on the altar, decorating the huppah and cakes. This inexpensive decoration comes in countless varieties so it’s an easy way to add color and texture to all of your design elements in an affordable way.

12. Matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses are OUT, with brides choosing a color and having their maids pick a flattering dress style. What you’ll see in 2017 are prints now taking over, including florals and dots.

A Rustic Fall Wedding at The Olde Mill Inn - New Jersey Bride
13. Cell-phone free receptions. Yup, you read that right. While you’ve seen the awful images of a bride walking down the aisle with all of her guests holding cell phones and iPads, blocking the view from the groom—and the professional photographer—brides will not only go phone-free at the ceremony but also at the reception. They’ll be forcing everyone to unplug, talk to the guests seated next to them and enjoy the moment. Phone-free will be the new retro detail. So 1990s. And we love it.

New Jersey Bride—5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding/Kristin Rockhill wedding invites
14. Artisanal invitations. No more formal white cards with traditional black script writing. Brides will be expressing their individuality with their invites—the first indication to their guests of their wedding’s unique style. Wood, fabric and leather will all be popular options.

New Jersey Bride—Rose-Gold
15. Gold metallic will remain a strong color…mostly for accents. Gold candlesticks, gold cake toppers, metallic gold cake tiers, gold vases, gold picture frames, gold sashes, big hooped gold earrings.

New Jersey Bride—Cascading bridal bouquets

Florals by Kristin Rockhill of Details of I Do. Photo by Jackie Averill.

16. Cascading bouquets. Sweet round bouquets are out with elaborate cascading bouquets in. Brides will be making a statement with these ornate florals. Orchids, anemones, ivies, ferns and pods all add texture and variety.

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